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All Crypto Holders

Do you manage crypto portfolios for others or just yourself? Our dashboard will assist you keep track of your assets, by providing Accurate data, charts and features to track your assets with no hassle.

Product information

DAT GREEN - a Crypto Assets Manager

We build DAT GREEN for you, a crypto assets manager that believes in a privacy preserving world where you don't share any data that you are not aware of. DAT GREEN is your one stop dashboard to provide a comprehensive overview of your crypto assets, let you monitor your wallets, multi-blockchain support in an ever growing jungle, including compliant reporting, within a few clicks you get your tax report.

The blockchain ecosystem is planting a massive data-jungle with roots in every direction. With DAT GREEN we give you a pathway through the jungle to provide structure to your data. We provide the user with a secure, convenient interface to easily import public wallet ID(s), upload multiple accounts and connect to supported exchanges via API. After synchronizing your digital assets from supported blockchains we provide the user with a central overview of his assets and their performance. You can even be notified if there is a drastic price change on one of your holdings. You never store any secret keys with us! We enable the user to create meaningful reports on the press of a button. From daily performance snapshots, to asset reports. Extract all your transactions for your documentation, or just use our tax-report template to add this document to your yearly tax reporting. The dashboard has many features that will be useful to different types of users, from beginners to enthusiasts as well as professional traders.

Your Benefits

With our Crypto Asset Manager, you will get the following benefits:

Save Time

Our DAT GREEN does the heavy lifting, consolidating blockchain transactions in minutes and providing compliant reporting.

Automation & Integration

We love automation and build our solution that way. Our API will integrate directly into supported accounting solutions. We build backends for banks and fintech organizations on request.

Privacy Preserving

Our solution will not store personal information. We encourage privacy and even enforce it up-on our clients in order to avoid the risk of leaking their data.

Stay Compliant

We monitor transactions for you, with our partners we provide AML5b compliance. Every transaction will be subject to a KYT where we provide you with a report to be fully auditable.

High Security

Security is important to us and that's why we try not to store any client data in the first place. Where we can't avoid it we use secure housing in the form of HSMs from our partner.

Blockchain Agnostic

We operate blockchain agnostic and aim to support as many chains as possible over the years to come. That includes DeFi and NFT protocols too.

Product Features

DAT GREEN is Loaded with Features

Imagine you could have the best features out of 20 different applications to make your application superior; one dashboard to rule them all.

  • A clean and simple dashboard to monitor all your crypto assets

  • Easy data-import of multiple blockchains

  • Portfolio tracking in nearly real-time with accurate market data

  • KYT, OpenVasp & Forensics Reporting

Easy wallet import

Monitor assets performance

Daily snapshots

KYT & forensic check

Global & local address book

Generate comprehensive reports

Lost in the Crypto Jungle? Everything at a glance with DAT GREEN.

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We are building sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.

That is why we plan to develop enhanced reporting and document management systems to save paper and to plant trees. We want to contribute our part to creating a cleaner environment and a better ecosystem for our planet. We know that this can't be done in a single day but we have to start somewhere. Therefore, we plant trees for every user depending on the CO2 being saved.

YOU plant trees and create new habitat

YOU reduce carbon footprint

YOU support the stop of climate change

A small step for YOU, but a big step for earth

We build on the shoulders of giants

We work with innovative tech stacks such as