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Bridging the gap between crypto accounting and traditional finance.

Our Crypto Business Intelligence engine, DAT BLUE, creates financial reports fully automated, simplifying the complexity of blockchain transaction data and connecting to traditional business and financial systems.

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Meet Brian, the happy guy who tried Crypto invoicing as simple as possible.

Thanks for making crypto accounting so easy!

- Every accountant. Always.

Digital Assets Technologies AG is a Zürich-based technology company developing a crypto accounting & reporting protocol - bridging the multiverse of blockchains and connecting them to traditional financial systems. DAT.AG was founded by some of the blockchain industry's foremost builders using state of the art technologies.

Perfect for

Our products and solutions aim at multiple sectors to automate and optimize digital processes to save time and create auditable reports.

  • Accounting professionals

  • Tax providers & auditors

  • KMUs

  • Enterprise & financial institutions

  • Crypto exchanges

  • Crypto companies

  • Portfolio manager

  • Professional crypto traders & brokers

Our mission

Crypto accounting was never easierIntegrated, automated and wrapped in a simple UI

Every company that deals with crypto-assets has to comply with upcoming regulations. Guidelines have been tightening worldwide. Emerging new markets are globally accessible 24/7 and we provide a global reporting engine to support new standards that match local regulations. With that, we supply the means for professional accountants, fiduciaries and crypto-startups to automate and simplify their reporting needs. Today, companies use excel-sheets to gather transaction data, which is very time-consuming, cumbersome and error-prone. Not to mention the ability to manipulate such data very easily. We simplify the complexity of blockchain data with our DAT BLUE (Crypto Business Intelligence engine) by enriching data from various sources, such as transaction data from various blockchains, market-data from multiple exchanges, as well as DeFi and NFT data-sets to provide a solution to gather all your crypto-transaction data and bridge them into traditional accounting systems, following strict compliance rules and making it easy to synchronize with third party systems.

All-In-One Solution

We connect you to many blockchains and provide your transaction data for your accounting and tax-reporting with no extra work for you.


With our Proof Of Funds (POF) system, we ensure that you are compliant with upcoming regulations. Fully integrated, always up to date and fully auditable.

Easy & fully Integrated

We don't just create another excel form. We connect your traditional accounting system to various other systems to synchronize your transaction data.

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Our products

Check out DATsuite. A collection of tools and services to help you master your crypto transactions.

All our products are created following institutional standards, with focus on quality, integrity and privacy. For this purpose, Digital Assets Technologies AG is developing its own protocol and a product suite contains the following solutions:

DAT BLUE - Your Crypto Accounting Solution

The enterprise solution basement for professionals.

An enterprise accounting and reporting solution for professional accountants, fiduciaries, tax offices and trustees who want to seamlessly synchronize all crypto transaction data with their current accounting systems.

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DAT GREEN - Your Crypto Asset Manager

For crypto traders, asset managers and anyone who manages crypto currencies.

Gain a clear block-time overview of your crypto-portfolios just for yourself or even others! Our intuitive dashboard will keep track of your assets, produce clear graphs, deliver essential insights and give you notifications about any changes which might occur.

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DAPAY - Your Crypto Backoffice

For anyone who wants to request or send crypto assets.

With DAPAY you can easily create payment requests or settle outstanding invoices using selected crypto assets. It will track the status and send reminders or completion notifications. An integrated AML check ensures you the full compliance with every transaction.

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Crypto Accounting doesn't have to be difficult

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We are building sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.

That is why we plan to develop enhanced reporting and document management systems to save paper and to plant trees. We want to contribute our part to creating a cleaner environment and a better ecosystem for our planet. We know that this can't be done in a single day but we have to start somewhere. Therefore, we plant trees for every user depending on the CO2 being saved.

YOU plant trees and create new habitat

YOU reduce carbon footprint

YOU support the stop of climate change

A small step for YOU, but a big step for earth

Building the next generation of crypto reporting.

The Digital Assets Trustee Network is not only solving many problems of crypto accounting without compromising, but also providing the intersection between a new multiverse of blockchains. Why not just try it out?

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