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Revolutionizing Trustee Tooling and Travel Rule Compliance in the Digital Asset Realm

Welcome to our cutting-edge SaaS platform, revolutionizing accounting, financial audits, and travel rule compliance in the digital asset realm. With end-to-end privacy, top-tier security, and regulatory adherence, we empower organizations for excellence. Explore our solutions, mastering audits and compliance — seamless, secure, and future-ready.

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Your Privacy, Our Priority: Secure Solutions Tailored for You!

- Using state of the art technology

Welcome to Digital Assets Technologies AG, the heart of innovation in Zürich. Specializing in the intersection of privacy and digital assets, we deliver cutting-edge, secure SaaS solutions with a focus on privacy preservation. Serving a diverse range of clients, including CPAs, financial auditors, and companies in the digital asset realm, DAT.AG stands out as a creation of leading blockchain experts. We harness the latest technologies to empower your digital journey, ensuring security and confidentiality at every step.

Perfect for

Our products and solutions aim at multiple sectors to automate and optimize digital processes to save time and create auditable reports.

  • Accounting professionals

  • Financial Auditors

  • Digital Asset Organisations

  • Crypto Foundations

  • Crypto exchanges

  • Financial Institutions

Our mission

Digital Assets Compliance Made EffortlessCompliant, privacy-first, and wrapped in a simple UI

Are you navigating the intricate world of digital assets? Challenges like securely proving crypto ownership while maintaining anonymity, or undergoing financial audits where sensitive data is shared, are not uncommon. But what if there's a better way?

Imagine solutions designed specifically for these challenges, ready to revolutionize your experience in the digital asset space. Our products and services are meticulously crafted for scenarios like yours.

We proudly introduce our DataQubes a pioneering application using a cutting edge Confidential Computing tech stack This innovation ensures that you divulge only what's necessary, keeping your data firmly in your control. We're not just a service provider; we're facilitators of your privacy.

Our approach extends beyond simple solutions. With confidential computing technology, we offer robust audit features and equip VASPs with essential tools for seamless compliance. Dive deeper into our offerings and discover how we're reshaping the landscape of digital asset management. Your journey towards secure, private, and compliant digital asset handling starts here.

Confidential Computing

Experience our SaaS solution for confidential audits, where you access all necessary information without seeing any sensitive details.

Privacy First

We are committed to privacy and utilize a cutting edge confidential computing tech-stack to safeguard your data. Share with assurance, knowing that you keep ownership over your data.

Cloud and On-premises

Prefer seeing to believing? We get it, and that's why our solution is available not just in the cloud, but also on-premises for your peace of mind.

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Our products

A collection of tools and services to help you master your crypto transactions.

All our products are created following institutional standards, with focus on quality, integrity and privacy. For this purpose, Digital Assets Technologies AG is developing its own protocol and a product suite contains the following solutions:

DATLense - Your Digital Asset Audit Platform

For financial auditors and crypto organizations

Our SaaS platform represents a comprehensive solution, meticulously designed for financial audits in the digital asset sector, with an unwavering focus on privacy, security, and adherence to regulatory standards.

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DATProof - Crypto Wallet Verification

Empowering VASPs for Seamless Compliance

Streamline Proof of Wallet Ownership on your Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) platform. KYW automates the process, ensuring compliance and privacy. Elevate your user experience and embrace the future of digital asset interactions.

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DATBlue - Your Crypto Accounting Solution

The enterprise solution basement for professionals

An enterprise accounting and reporting solution for professional accountants, fiduciaries, tax offices and trustees who want to seamlessly synchronize all crypto transaction data with their current accounting systems.

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Managing substantial digital assets? Discover our tailored confidential computing solutions - designed for your high-stakes needs!

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