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The genesis block of Digital Assets Technologies AG

Over the past 6 years we have seen the challenges that come along, especially, with accounting and reporting of transactions.

The crypto solar-system extends daily with a new protocol or blockchain ecosystem, meaning that one new token or even multiples arrive daily! This brings new investment opportunities - short and long term. With the fast rising of new technologies and their opportunities came also new challenges and requirements. Recording the transaction data in a way that accounting tools can read and moreover synchronize them into their existing systems becomes a must. Our founder, André Wolke, did see this coming and built a solution, tailored to solve this problem. A reporting engine that would enable crypto-users to collect, synchronize and report all their transactions using a single tool which would seamlessly integrate into existing financial systems.

Our vision

Building the bridge to connect blockchain ecosystems with traditional accounting and financial systems, providing compliant and auditable reports.

Our mission

One privacy preserving intersection between blockchain ecosystems and traditional financial systems with an all-in-one solution.

Our approach

Our product will help accounting professionals to gather, enrich and file accounts of crypto assets.

Engaged employees and constantly growing.

Blockchains integrated and supported. Growing steady!

Token supported across multiple chains.

High quality Swiss-made software.

We value your time

Accounting build the way it should be; Integrated, automated and privacy preserving.

Combining machine learning with the latest state of technology to create intelligent automations for financial reporting.

Our clients include accounting professionals, fiduciary & accounting firms, funds, financial auditors, protocols, individuals and everyone who is dealing with crypto. All our products are created with institutional standards with focus on quality, integrity and privacy.
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The foremost builders

Innovative thinking is our daily business

Our employees are global experts, world-class developers, business experts and passionate professionals who are convinced with know-how and are always up to date with the latest technologies and knowledge. The customer comes first for Digital Assets Technologies AG: If you are satisfied - we are too!


CEO & Founder






Head of Sales


Get inspired by us

Swiss quality and the best user experience - why customers love us

We value your time & money

Easy & smooth user experience. Get ready in a few seconds and enjoy an intuitive and simple interface of our applications.

Get privacy preserving

We take our clients' privacy seriously and protect all such data with end-to-end encryption and our transaction-mixer technology.

We are independent

No 3rd parties! All nodes are hosted in the Swiss datacenter to ensure the utmost integrity of our clients.

Stay always up-to-date

With us you are always on the cutting edge of technology and the latest regulations. Our DATsuite is constantly updated and extended.

Working with experts

We are always on the cutting edge of technology, expanding our features and integrating new technologies.

Building the best in class takes time, we have planned ahead


Q4 2020

MvP development

Concept of united crypto-asset dashboard created and first MvP development started for a B2C version that would enable users to review all their crypto-assets as well as create instant Tax and Accounting reports.

Q1 2021

Conception of DAPay

Concept of DAPay evaluated, a payment protocol connecting to billing systems in order to provider an automated service for merchants to settle payments in selected crypto assets.

Q2 2021

DAPay - a crypto payment solution (release 1.0)

- First integration of RunMyAccounts bookkeeping solution into DAPay. - Payment process completed in Ethereum test-net and accounts settled in RunMyAccounts, DAI and USDT booked automatically and invoices settled.

Q2 2021

Development of CBI(e)

- Adding additional support for further blockchains to internal node cluster. - Receiving small startup grant from AWS to test data-lakes. - Started the development of v1.0 codename EVEREST, B2B solution. - DAPay, discussions and review to integrate Inkasso service in Switzerland.

Q3 2021

CBI(e) released to MvP partners

- First video of EVEREST released to MvP partners. - First workshop for crypto-accounting with Wadsack AG (Crypto-Valley) - New AML check via our POF (Proof of Funds) system integrated into DAPay

Q4 2021

Concept of DAT-Tokenomics

- First Demo to MvP clients of EVEREST - Integration of Abacus to support 2 way synchronisation - DAPay release on Polygon test-net (Mumbai) - Setup of backend storage cluster to store invoices for future handling - Concept of DAPay factoring and DAPay Crypto-Payroll started. - Concept of DAT-Tokenomics

Q1 2022

Top 50 start-up nomination

- DAPay R1, release to Polygon main-net - POS DAT-Network protocol white-paper - W.A. de Vigier Top 50 nomination