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Revolutionize financial audits of blockchain organizations with DATLense. Our cutting-edge software ensures privacy, security, and efficiency in Proof-of-Ownership and Balance Reports. Adapt to any blockchain, support diverse wallets, and benefit from Switzerland-based security. DATLense: Your streamlined, compliant, and versatile financial audit solution for blockchain organizations.

Product information

DATLense - Precision Blockchain Auditing

In the ever-evolving blockchain landscape, financial audits demand innovative solutions. Enter DATLense, a sophisticated audit software exclusively designed for blockchain organizations. We empower auditors to conduct Proof-of-Ownership without compromising user identity, ensuring privacy while maintaining audit integrity. Seamlessly conduct Proof-of-Ownership and Balance Reports with privacy, security, and efficiency at the forefront.

Financial Audits – Traditional World: How it has been

In the traditional financial landscape, a financial audit serves as an objective assessment of a company's financial statements. Typically conducted annually by an independent third-party auditor, this process relies on a rich tapestry of trusted data sources. These encompass various elements, such as comprehensive accounting systems, bank account statements, established agencies, and more.

Financial Audits – Digital Assets: The challenge

Transitioning to the realm of digital assets presents a distinctive audit landscape with its unique challenges. In this space, audits primarily revolve around wallet balance statements and proofs of wallet ownership. However, auditors encounter a stark contrast—a scarcity of reliable and trusted data sources alongside a labyrinth of complexity: Rudimentary financial statements, missing or inaccurate crypto-asset balances, lack of certified tools and centralized authorities, opaque operations of third-party data providers and a general complexity in navigating the diverse blockchain ecosystem.

Unlocking Auditing Excellence: DATLense Revealed

Discover DATLense, our cutting-edge audit software crafted for blockchain organizations. Envision financial audits seamlessly blending privacy, security, and efficiency. DATLense revolutionizes the audit process, providing cryptographic precision and a streamlined experience for auditors and auditees.

Innovative Solution: The DATLense Advantage

DATLense transforms financial audits with a sophisticated confidential computing tech stack. Seamlessly onboard organizations, ensuring sensitive data access via cryptographic proofs. The process of proving wallet ownership becomes a cryptographic ballet, offering auditors comprehensive reports with ease.

Empowering the Ecosystem: Privacy Meets Compliance

Beyond a solution, DATLense empowers the digital asset ecosystem. Execute Proof-of-Ownership without compromising identities, ensuring privacy and audit integrity. DATLense unlocks auditing excellence, granting organizations control over data and assets in a compliant, private, and seamless manner.

Comprehensive Reporting: DATLense Beyond Ownership

DATLense extends its prowess beyond ownership proofs, offering detailed and exact balance reporting. Leveraging our Switzerland-hosted blockchain nodes, auditors gain access to complete and consolidated data sets. Experience the DATLense advantage—a holistic audit solution for the digital asset landscape.

Your Benefits

With DATLense, you will get the following benefits:

Save Time

Efficiency at its core. Streamline audits seamlessly with DATLense, saving time and resources.

Automation & Integration

Revolutionize workflow. DATLense brings automation, seamlessly integrating with wallets for your efficiency while proving wallet ownership.

Privacy Preserving

Confidentiality redefined. With DATLense, privacy is paramount. Conduct Proof-of-Ownership and Balance Reports without prying into individual identities. Our robust privacy layer ensures data security without compromise.

Stay Compliant

Navigate regulations with ease. Stay ahead with DATLense, meeting compliance requirements for transparency and trust.

Best UX

User experience elevated. Choose efficiency with DATLense's user-centric approach.

Blockchain Agnostic

Versatility defined. DATLense adapts to various blockchain ecosystems, offering your audit solution, your way.

Product Features

DATLense is Loaded with Features

  • Cryptographic Proof: Seamlessly prove wallet ownership through advanced cryptographic techniques for unparalleled security and regulatory compliance in financial audits.

  • Confidential Computing Tech Stack: Experience the pinnacle of data security with our cutting-edge confidential computing technology, safeguarding sensitive information.

  • Blockchain Agnostic: Effortlessly adapt to the evolving blockchain landscape. Our DATLense is versatile, supporting various blockchain networks to meet diverse audit requirements.

  • Universal Wallet Support: Enjoy flexibility with support for diverse wallets. Our DATLense provides a universal solution tailored for the digital asset community, ensuring compatibility with various wallet types.

  • Extensive Balance Reporting: Access detailed balance reports, empowering auditors and organizations with comprehensive information for the entire audit process.

  • Switzerland-based Infrastructure: Benefit from infrastructure hosted in Switzerland, including self-hosted indexers and nodes, ensuring secure and sensible data protection.

  • Zero Knowledge Attestations: Introducing Zero Knowledge Attestations – cryptographic certifications of user access to wallet addresses, enhancing trust in the audit process.

  • Flexible and Efficient: Embrace adaptability. DATLense offers multiple options to accommodate individual audit processes efficiently.

  • Complete & Consolidated Data-sets: Access complete and consolidated datasets, facilitating efficient and thorough financial audits for organizations in the digital asset space.

Navigate the Crypto Compliance Landscape with DATLense

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