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February 16, 2022


We are in the TOP 50!

DAT.AG (Digital Assets Technologies) is among the top 50 companies competing for the W.A. de Vigier Foundation Award 2022. As a young startup from Zurich, we are more than proud to compete in the category ICT and MICRO- & NANOTECHNOLOGY with another 9 companies which are trying to win this prestigious award.

In the age of crypto-assets and blockchains, new regulations are emerging fast onto the ever growing crypto-market, locally as well as globally. We also see enterprise-focused corporations entering the scene besides a strong growing startup ecosystem. However, two worlds are colliding and we aim to provide the necessary infrastructure and data-sets to all parties in order to manage a smooth transition with DAT.AG.

DAT.AG took on a big challenge, aiming to provide a crypto-assets reporting platform that would automate cumbersome processes, such as gathering transaction-date and combining those with matching price feeds. Feeding those data-sets into our dashboards for professional accountants and fiduciaries to enable easy synchronization into traditional accounting solutions such as RunMyAccounts or Abacus.

Many technology providers neglect to build adequate reporting engines which makes it more than hard to find your way through this jungle of transaction data. This is where our products come in; we bring intelligent and compliant reporting to the crypto-world with our Crypto Business Intelligent engine (CBIe).

Today, companies still use excel-sheets to gather transaction data, which is not only very time-consuming but also very error-prone. Furthermore, there is a huge ability to manipulate such data. Besides, every company that deals with crypto-assets has to comply with new regulations. Guidelines have been tightening worldwide.

So, we provide a global reporting standard that matches local - as well as global - regulations. Our solution, which is supporting multiple blockchains, untangles the complexity of the blockchain data jungle with our business intelligence engine by enriching data from various sources to provide a reporting solution to traditional accounting and finance businesses. Besides following strict compliance rules, CBIe makes it easy to synchronize automatically with third party systems via various APIs to our clients.

Crypto-accounting was never easier: We supply the means for professional accountants as well as for any crypto-startup to simplify their reporting needs. Fully automated!

Another product to watch out for is DAPay - a platform which enables the user to request or send an invoice in crypto, based on their local FIAT currency. We provide not only APIs into 3rd party payment systems and fetch open invoices in FIAT, we also support the user with an integrated KYT-check during the whole settlement and an up-to-date, modern interface to collect these funds in a selected range of crypto-assets. We enclose the original invoice on the source payment system so that the user has always the total overview of his transactions and invoices. Furthermore, the user can pay his vendors with selected crypto assets the same way too.

The integrated dunning service, for example, keeps track of pending invoices and will notify the payee to ensure payments are settled in due time, convenient and without interaction.

Leave the jungle and follow us into the future, Digital Assets Trustee Network!